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          Wharf Rat by K.C. Shaw
          Etopia Press (ISBN 978-1-941692-41-7)

Rone's a small-time thief whose only ambition is to ask Robin, an intersex elf who stars in a peepshow, out for drinks. But when Rone agrees to run messages for a shipping magnate, suddenly Farthalan Port's rival factions are interested in his work. And they want a cut.

Rone has no idea what's in the messages he's carrying. He can't read. He knows he's in deep water, though, because of who's after him: a vampire called Shark, a couple of elf thugs, and an undercover Farthalan Port city guard. If you're judged by the company you keep, Rone's definitely taken a step down from dock whore.

No one seems to know what's going on, not even Rone's usual informants. All he can fish up are rumors of a fake princess. She might be involved with a plan to defraud the entire royal family--or she might have been planted by the king himself to dupe a visiting prince. Either way, Rone suspects he's being set up to take the blame.

If Rone can figure out what's really going on, he might be able to wriggle his way out of the whole mess. If he can't, he and Robin are both sunk.
Wharf Rat cover

Jack of All Trades by K.C. Shaw
Double Dragon Publishing (ISBN 978-1-77115-023-1)

A new edition, including the short story "The Neverstone."

When Jack Bywater moves to the small town of Tolchester, he doesn't expect to stay long. A curse is following him, and he doesn't want to know what will happen if it catches up.

Tolchester isn't like most towns, though. Soon Jack and his pet dragon Pepper are mixed up in the search for a magical artifact--and they're not the only ones searching. Jack must outwit wasp-men and fairies, angry ghosts and cross neighbors, all while working as an odd-jobs man.

Then Jack falls in love. Suddenly, he doesn't want to leave Tolchester at all--even if it means facing his curse.

Jack of All Trades cover

Evil Outfitters, Ltd. by K.C. Shaw
Double Dragon Publishing (ISBN 978-1-55404-975-2)

Evil Outfitters, Ltd. has specialized in the equipage of dark lords, assassins, necromantic wizards and priests, and rich madmen for hundreds of years--and it’s still run by its original founder, Tavrax the Lich. When the baron Drackley signs on as a new client, he ruffles the firm’s calm by showing every sign of truly being able to overthrow the king. Even Tavrax takes an interest. Madeline Muir and James North, who comprise the tailoring department, are much less happy to discover that Drackley wants their undivided attention--and their loyalty.

Turning traitor isn’t typically a prerequisite for working as a tailor.
Evil Outfitters Ltd cover

Blood and Ashes (sequel to The Taste of Magic) by K.C. Shaw
Etopia Press (ISBN 978-1-936751-85-3)

The Gryphons have a secret. And someone thinks Ana knows it.

Back in May, things were heating up between healer Ana Miradwen and the King's Enforcer, Vincent Ondarr. Then Vincent stopped seeing Ana abruptly, only to resurface in July--with a fiancee. Ana's hurt, but she's angry too. When Vincent summons her to his office, she plans to tell him off.

But Vincent has a proposition for her, and not one she expects. A half-breed rights group called the Gryphons is fighting for change--but it may be a front for something darker. Vincent needs Ana to join the Gryphons and investigate.

Ana's happy to help, especially since it means spending time with a couple of gorgeous elf men. Never mind that Vincent thinks they're smugglers. But when someone tries to kill Ana, she realizes that she's in way over her head. Only it's too late to back out.

The Taste of Magic by K.C. Shaw
Etopia Press (ISBN 978-1-936751-49-5)

Analefa Miradwen has spent the last ten years avoiding vampires. She knows her blood is a delicacy, but she doesn’t want to share. Not after the last time, which nearly left her dead.

When the vampire mage Magnus begins stalking her, Ana turns to the King’s Enforcer for help. Vincent Ondarr has the manpower and the magic-power to keep her safe. According to him, Ana’s blood doesn’t just taste good, it enhances a mage’s magic.

The trouble is, Vincent’s a vampire mage too. If Ana wants to keep her blood to herself, she’ll have to figure out which one of them she can trust. And what exactly Magnus wants from her...

The Dragon Whisperer by K.C. Shaw
Double Dragon Publishing (ISBN 978-1-55404-801-4)

May Armstrong used to be a renowned animal tamer, until her mind-control abilities disappeared along with her ghostly mentor. She’s been retired for two years--but a pushy king won’t let her refuse his job offer. He wants her to tame a dragon for him. She knows she can’t do it.

But when May’s current employer turns out to be more than just an innocent ship’s captain, suddenly she’s a wanted woman in more ways than one. May has a big decision to make: risk being eaten by a dragon, or outrun bounty hunters and city guards for the rest of her life.

Blood and Ashes cover

Taste of Magic cover

Dragon Whisperer cover

Weaver's Shroud by K.C. Shaw
Double Dragon Publishing (ISBN 978-1-55404-747-5)

Apprentice weaver Liza doesn't think things can get much worse after her mentor dies. When she finds work as a spinster, she thinks it's a step up--something to tide her over until she can find another weaving apprenticeship.
But soon Liza finds herself tangled in a god's quest to regain his stolen powers, a set of warring brothers, and a ghost that seems to want her dead. And as if all that weren't bad enough, she might lose her new job too.

Weaver's Shroud cover